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Claire Deacon, the photographer behind 7-olives has been based in Bangkok since 2003, documenting life in Asia through photography. In 2011, Claire launched the 7-olivesphotography brand to mark the opening of her studio where she takes individual, family and pet portraits as well as product and stock photography. "I’ve always loved photography and, in particular, photographing people, animals and the natural world. Lessons learned on my first manual SLR, so different from today’s fully automated cameras, brought first hand understanding of how light and the camera work. Messing about in the dark room with my Dad as a youngster and understanding the processes behind making an image, provided a natural framework for my photography and I was rarely seen without a camera in hand."


2014 promises to be yet another exciting year for travel. Look out for a wide-range of photographic topics as well as some new wild-life and nature photography as the 500 mm lens should make it on a few of these trips!

UK - It's hard to beat when the sun is shining!

I don't go back to the UK all that often, so I was delighted to be on the receiving end of some wonderful weather during my recent trip. The main purpose of going was to visit family and friends but, of course, my camera was with me most of the time and I took the opportunity to capture some UK summer moments. Take a look at the gallery here.

Acrobatics in the air



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