The Photographer

Claire Deacon, the photographer behind 7-olivesphotography has been based in Bangkok since 2003, documenting life in Asia through photography. In 2011, Claire launched the 7-olivesphotography brand to mark the opening of her studio where she takes individual, family and pet portraits as well as product and stock photography. Claire says, "I’ve always loved photography and, in particular, photographing people, animals and the natural world. Lessons learned on my first manual SLR, so different from today’s fully automated cameras, brought first hand understanding of how light and the camera work. Messing about in the dark room with my Dad as a youngster and understanding the processes behind making an image, provided a natural framework for my photography and I was rarely seen without a camera in hand."

The Studio/On location

The 7-olivesphotography studio provides a relaxed and quiet space for capturing studio shots - both posed and candid. The studio has a variety of backdrops according to the mood and feel required by the client. Studio lights, light modifiers and other accessories allow a lot of flexibility and creativity for the development of a series of portraits.

Alternatively, Claire can travel to a setting of the client's choice - home, office, garden or other location depending on what is required. Location shoots help to add a sense of place to the shoot and add a more variety to the finished shots. It is also straight forward to bring a portable studio set-up on location so that part of the finished shoot can also include more studio-style images.

As part of the creative process involved in any shoot, Claire will make sure the client wishes are explored and clarified. You are encouraged to provide a list of the shots that are most important to you and to send samples of photographs that you like. Together with further discussion these provide inspiration and allow the creative thought process to be carefully considered before the shoot starts. Whilst it is great for the photographer to like the images, it is much more important that the client should love the end results!


In the broader sense of the word, inspiration in the work of 7-olivesphotography comes from many, many places. As someone who is always striving to learn and to gain new experiences, Claire takes inspiration from all around her. Always updating practical skills through reading, courses and online as well as collaborative experiences with other photographers, 7-olivesphotography continues to evolve. Being a keen lover of nature and the outdoors, ideas come from taking the time to look and see things in new ways and from new perspectives. Setting personal projects and goals and continuing to travel to new places or visit familiar places but with different objectives... all of these contribute to the work of 7-olivesphotography.