Why 7-olives?

"In 2002 my husband and I bought a plot of land in a Cypriot village in the Larnaca district. Having been born in Cyprus, I have very close connections to the island and, coupled with a great climate, good wines, lovely fresh fruit and vegetables, it seemed like as good a place as any to buy somewhere. On the deeds to the land that we purchased there are 7 olive trees listed. Olive trees in Cyprus have a special significance and are protected by law. Not only that, but often the trees themselves are registered (as ours are). When we built a house on the land, we called it 7-olives and then, when I was thinking about what to call my photography business, 7-olives felt like the perfect name… At the moment, I live in Bangkok, Thailand, where I have the current 7-olivesphotography studio and the privilege of being able to travel extensively in the region and beyond adding to my travel photography library. One day 7-olivesphotography will move to Cyprus… but not just yet!"