A Photographic Journey

Thailand's Soi Cats and Dogs

I confess to saying, some years ago now, that I was going to embark on a project to publish a coffee table photographic book on Thailand's Soi Cats and Dogs. In part, this was to acknowledge the big part that SCAD Bangkok (now no longer operating) played in my life. Not only was it a big part of who I became, but it was also an organisation where life-long friends were made and from which part of my immediate family was built... the additions may be cats and dogs but to us they make up our family unit.

Of course, I prevaricated - life was busy, I was setting up 7-olivesphotography, blah blah - a host of the usual excuses! Then, just as I was ready to revisit the idea, someone else was doing it... so again my project went on the back burner.

Now, however, we are fast approaching the finale of our time in Thailand and in 2016 new pastures await us and our 4-legged family. The project is on the front burner - finally.

The photography book I am in the stages of producing is intended to be a showcase for the wonderful street (soi) cats and dogs of Thailand and also for some of the people that care for them.

More information will follow as the book develops. Stay tuned!

In the meantime, please "like" the Facebook page associated with the book where you will find postings of news and images from my travels around photographing soi cats and dogs and the people who look after them.