Capturing the right moment on camera is such a thrill when it happens. The question is, how often do you get all the right elements working at the same time? Everyone engaged with the scene, a clean and uncluttered background, perfect lighting...? Combining all the elements for a great image are even more important for those key moments we all have in our lives - from birthdays and anniversaries, to engagements, weddings, new arrivals to the family unit or coming of age - they’re all times when a photograph really can say it all and for always.

I’ve always loved photography and, in particular, photographing people. Lessons learned on my first manual SLR, so different from today’s fully automated cameras, brought first hand understanding of how light and the camera work. Messing about in the dark room with my Dad as a youngster and understanding the processes behind making an image, provided a natural framework for my photography and I was rarely seen without a camera in hand.

Check out the sections here to see what may inspire you - there's not just people shots, but pet and animal portraiture (another passion of mine!), studio still life, or "fun stuff" as these are part of the 7-olivesphotography regular studio sessions. You may not want a picture of yourself, your family or your business venture, perhaps you would just like to learn some new photography skills yourself!

Whatever it may be photographically speaking, contact 7-olivesphotography for more information?